Point Zaca

The Center Of The Eclectic Universe

Point Zaca - The Center Of The Eclectic Universe. Where nothing is as it seems!


Unknown to all but a few wrinkled old Howlers- are the Zacaians, a race of multi-colored and beautiful humans, who feel that work - when performed in a spirit of service, is elevated to an act of worship, and as a result have created an economy so good that when not eagerly and happily earning a livelhood, or spending their time  on artistic endeavors, they are out surfing the perfect lefts and rights of their pennisula that jut into a warm turquoise sea, and spend the tranquil evenings cruising in their hot rod trucks and/or kool kustoms. 

They  call this paradise (the earliest known utopia) - POINT  ZACA.

Point Zaca - shrouded in the fog of time - start of the long walk in.

Some rich & lazy trekkers hire locals to get them there. Two are caught here - under a sun so intense it turns the sky brown.

A local water hazard.

Point Zaca Rights on a small day

A young Zacaian tucks into a small curl while another perfect one follows behind.

The lefts on a good day.

... and not a soul in the lineup.

Point Zaca as it appears to those who don't have the secret.

If you go in search ... and are disappointed; Adjust your focus.

"Lucky is the person who sees the Rainbow while standing in the shadow of the Beezlebob Tree." An old Zacian saying.

Trekkers below the Pt. Zaca exit portal on the border of Here & There.